How To: Make Mango Rosettes

I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you!  Few years ago, I stumbled upon a pastry shop and spotted some beautiful mango rosettes sitting on top of cakes and tarts.  They were simply too beautiful to eat!  At least I wouldn’t be able to eat it; I’d just stare at it.  That was a fact until I learned how to make it myself.  It does take some practice and many imperfect ones, but I’m sure you know how to “get rid” of the not-so-good-looking ones (hint: they’re pretty tasty).

The only trick in making these rosettes is to use the right variety of mango (Champagne mangoes work really well here) and at its optimal ripeness.  If it is too firm, the petals will look a bit unnatural.  If it is too soft, the petals won’t hold the shape well.

Here’s how to do it:

Mango Rosettes

Slice the mango halves off the pit.  Using a spoon, remove the fruit from the peel in one piece.

Remove the ends (about an inch), and then slice the mango into very thin pieces.

Roll the first piece tightly and place it on a flat surface.  This becomes the center of the rose.

Wrap the second piece around the center piece, making sure that this “petal” covers the seams of the previous “petal”.

As you work your way outward, cut the mango slices at an angle so that the outer petals of the rose also have some dimension.

*Use the smaller pieces  for the center and the larger pieces as you work outward.

*If you only have firm mangoes on hand, just make thinner petals.  And thicker petals if the mango is too soft.  With practice you ‘ll have a better idea of  how thick the petals should be.

*Use the rosettes to decorate fruit tarts, tartlets, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, or whatever you prefer.


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