Singapore Eats (part 1)

I finally got around to sorting through my travel photos, so here are some to share with you!  My family and I organized a trip to Singapore in celebration of my grandfather’s birthday (he turned 80!).  We spent a few days there wandering the city, exploring some of the major sights, and sampling some of the delicious local foods.

We couldn’t go to Singapore without trying one of their staples: chicken rice!  The chicken is cooked perfectly- tender and boneless- and served with rice (cooked with aromatics like pandan and ginger), soy sauce, and chili sauce.

My aunt loves laksa, so we tried a different one each day.  This was the most flavorful out of all I think, and we found it at an open-air food court on Orchard Road near the Concorde Hotel.  Whoever invented the combination of rice noodles and coconut-based curry broth was an absolute genius.

This is a type of Indonesian kueh, which is a sweet cake made from rice flour.  The texture is soft and gooey with a chewy bite…pretty weird I must say.  Indonesians love neon-colored desserts by the way.

Like these desserts.  Neon tapioca pearls.  There are also red bean shaved ice on the left, and chendol on the right.  When I was a kid, I would get so excited whenever my grandmother made chendol, because that palm sugar syrup and coconut milk drizzled over the red beans and green bean noodles were so, so good.

Roasted chicken noodles.  I love the thin and crispy skin on the roasted chicken!

Ice cream sandwiches….quite literally!  A thick slice of ice cream sandwiched between wafers or pandan bread.  My mom loves the pandan flavor, I don’t really get the appeal though.

Charcoal grilled satays!  These satay stands can be found outside Lau Pa Sat.

They’re served with some Indonesian rice cakes called lontong.  The rice is wrapped in banana leaf and steamed until it is cooked through, which gives them a greenish exterior.  Those yellow drinks are lime soda.

A miniature durian for me!

Roti canai.  Flaky, crispy, dipped in curry sauce.  SO GOOD!


2 Comments on “Singapore Eats (part 1)”

  1. Kelly says:

    Bak ku teh and kai ya bread?

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